Wondering, where are cooper tires made ?. Is it made in America or in other foreign country. In short, if you are thinking cooper tires are made in USA. Then, you are right.

Cooper don’t only produce tires in USA, they have their full Research & Development team too.

Where Cooper tires are made in USA?

Cooper tires are manufacturing itstires in three differnet states. They have their production plant in Findlay, Ohio; Tulepo, Mississippi and Texarkana, Aizona.

Cooper’s headquater is located at Findlay, Ohio. They have also a small producing plant in Clarksdale, Mississippi for producing component of tires.

Cooper tires company is a very big world wide. They have their production plant world wide. Cooper tires have manufacturing plant in Europe, UK, Serbia, two manufacturing plant in China and Mexico. This tells us Cooper tyres is very big company and holds major position in the tire industry world wide.

History of Cooper Tires

The founder of Cooper tires is founded by  brothers-in-law John F. Schaefer and Claude E. Hart in the year 1914. They started by buying a company that made tires component and kit for tires. Later, they brought  ‘The Giant Tire & Rubber Company’. The Cooper tire & Rubber Company registered in 1946 and Cooper name trademark in 1960.


Cooper tires is the 12th largest tire manufacturer in the world and employs about 11,000 people world wide.It is also the 5th largest tire company in North America. Cooper tires has reported annual revenue of $2.85 billion dollar.

This annual revenue is not same across every year, it varies years to years. So, the data may vary.

Other Facts

Cooper tires also own other tire manufacturing company. Such as Mickey Thompson tire brand, which is only focuses in drag racing industry.

Avon Tyre which is very popular in Europe for manufacturing car and bike tires is owned by Cooper tires.

Hope, these detail guide about cooper tires gave you a much information more than where cooper tire are made.

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