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Hero Electric is doing a wonderful job by motivating market to move towards electric mobility. Hero Electric has several scooty in there platform, but they have not yet given a electric bike. The electric scooty from Hero are doing well job in the market. They now, have 4 product starting from low price to high, low range to high range(kms), less powerful to  more powerful. They  are using the latest Lithium battery which are more long lasting, and also known as maintenance free battery.

hero electric bike scooty

I wished they do launch their electric bike too. This will a great city transporter. The running price of the electric mobility is very less, and also the maintenance. Only, the need to change battery periodically is important. This doesn’t mean that there can’t be any wrong with the engine. But, generally electric engine doesn’t need maintainance, you can relate with the electric pump that we used in our home.

Hero Electric is the largest selling electric two wheeler in India now.

What are the advantages of Electric Mobility(Scooty/bike/Cars)??

  1. They are environment friendly.
  2. They don’t make noise pollution.
  3. Government is giving subsidy on Electric Vehicles.
  4. Low running cost etc.

Hero Electric Bike-

Sorry, 🙁 to say there is no Hero Electric bike launched yet. As soon as the Hero Electric bike would launch the list would get updated.

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Hero Electric Scooty/Scooter Range-

There are only 4 models from in there portfolio. The models are quite good, and every models does deliver value for the purpose they are made for.

But, all the 4 models now get Lithium-Ion battery, which is a good news.

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List of All Hero Electric Scooty/Scooter-

1. Flash

Flash is the starting line-up of scooty in the Hero electric Family. This is why it is kept lighter in every aspect compared to other models. But, this is good for ladies as this is the lightest weight scooty available in the market right now. The kerb Weight of the Flash is only 66 kg, which is very less compared to other scooty in the market for e.g., petrol.

The top speed is claimed to be 40 km/h from Hero.  It has a total distance covering range of 60 km on full charge.

Flash has a battery capacity of 48V and 28AH, ground clearance of 165mm.

Charging time is 4-5 hours from zero to full charge.

hero electric bike/scooty flash

Price of the Hero Electric Flash after the subsidy deduction is Rs. 45,990(ex-showroom Delhi).

2. Hero Electric NYX

Hero Electric NYX is the next product of the Hero Electric portfolio. NYX has benefit of less charging time. It takes about 4 hours for full charge from zero.

The weight is more than the NYX is 77 kg, which is 11 kg more cocmpared to Flash.

It has battery capacity of 48V and 24AH. The distance range is claimed to be 60km on full charge. Top speed is of 40 km/h.

hero electric bike scooty nyx

Price of the Hero Electric NYX is Rs. 59,490 after subsidy deduction(ex-showroom Delhi).

3. Hero Electric Optima

Hero Electric Optima and according to me it the most popular one. Because, I have seen maximum no. of Optima on the road than any other model. It would not be wrong to say that the number of Optima that I have seen is greater than total number of other models. This how the Optima is popular !!

The kerb weight of the Hero Electric optima is 72.5 kg.

Top speed is claimed is 40 km/h. And, the distance covering range is 60 km on full charge. Zero to full charge takes about 4 hours.

Optima is available in 3 color options- Cyan, matte grey, matte red.

hero electric bike scooty optima

Price of the Hero Electric Optima after the subsidy deduction is Rs. 59,490(ex-showroom Delhi).

4. Hero Electric Photon

Hero Electric Photon is the premium product in the Hero Electric portfolio. And, the improvement in range, weight is more. It gets dual battery that gives it long distance covering range. However, charging time is only claimed 4-5 hours for full charge from zero.

Top speed is 45 km/h. The kerb weight of the Hero Electric Photon is 95 kg.

It has two mode– power and economy mode. The distance covering range is 85 km on power mode and 110 km on economy mode on full charge. So, drive it on the economy mode to ensure more distance covering range.

Hero Electric Photon is available in two color options- Red and Silver.

hero electric bike scooty photon

Hero Electric Photon will cost you Rs. 86,990 after subsidy deduction(ex-showroom Delhi).

**Here, is the full list of Hero Electric Bike and Scooty. I must mention once again till now no bike has been launched from Hero Electric. But, they  have 4 electric scooty which is mentioned above. In case there is any new launch or discontinuation of any particular model, the list will get updated.

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