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Wondering, about Hero bike new launch ?? Hero is the top two-wheeler manufacturing company, and its two wheeler sales in millions. And, the most important is that every bike of Hero is always value for money in every respective segment. The parts quality is good and the costs of parts are also less.

Hero don’t only sells bike in its domestic country but also export to some countries. I would also like to suggest Hero to bring some good and interesting design products in the 200+,300+ cc segment, which is growing but Hero don’t have some good strong products to stand out in the crowd.

Recently, Hero new bike launched the Xpulse, which has created hike. Because there none in the competition. Its is only of this type. Personally, I also wished to own a Impulse but, hey!! its okay i am satisfied with what I own the all-rounder beast legendary bike.

Hero have not only launched only one products, they have set many products in the 200 CC segment. And, the best parts is that a single engine of 200 cc is used in all of their 200 CC products. Thus spare parts will be more available.

Hero Xtreme 200R was first to launch with this engine, which is a perfect value for money bike in 200 CC segment, and with hero new bikes launch in 2018-2019  will create competition for the ruling 200 CC bike the NS 200 & the RTR 200.

List of Hero New Bike Launch

1.Xpulse 200

Xpulse 200 is a adventure off-roading bike, Earlier, Impulse was introduced to the market, but it has been discontinued, which was also new to 150 CC category. And even now Xpluse is all new to the 200 CC segment. The look and design element of the bike is kept simpler, and the round headlight looks super with the design. The art of graphics just gives it a charm to the bike, and also induces the off-road feelings in the rider.

The instrument cluster is all new with Bluetooth connectivity.

2. Xpulse 200T

Xpulse 200T is the touring version of Xpulse. The ‘T’ letter after the 200 stands for touring. The Xpluse 200 is a full off-road package. The main difference between two motorcycles is that the silencer is in the normal position where as in the Xpulse it is set higher, so water can’t enter. But, due to this the comfort of the pillion will hamper in the long tour.

Also, the price is less compared to Xpluse 200 by few thousands. Xpulse can be a great bike for city as well as high way. This also gets the same instrument cluster.

3. Xtreme 200S

Xtreme 200S is the faired version of the Xtreme 200R. Its the most cheapest fully faired bike available in the market right now. Here, the ‘s’ stands for Sports. This also shared the new instrument cluster. Its get long LED headlight in the front.

Check all prices here- Hero Price List

All, the Hero Bikes launches are as usual value for money.

Comment down below, What you feel about Hero new bikes launcned.

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