5 Top Heavy Bikes In Range Of 1 Lakh~Auto Choice

Wondering, the top 5 heavy bikes in range of 1 lakh. At budget of Rs. 1 lakh there are many bikes now a days. The market is crowded with bikes from manufacturers. However, there are some factors(qualities) that we look specially in a bike. Some are fond of buying heavy bikes. When someone gets habituated by riding heavy bikes then feels uncomfortable to ride light weight bikes. Its feels like riding a bike without fun.

heavy bikes in range of 1 lakh

What are the benefit of riding Heavy Bike?

  • Due to heavy weight during braking the bike stays more stable than light weight bikes. However, there are many others factors related to the stability also, the heaviness is one of them.
  • When someone encounter sudden speed breaker, and fails to de-accelerate  then the bike weight helps the bike to stay in a line compared to the light weight bike.
  • The people who are habituated to ride heavy bikes feels uncomfortable to ride light weight  bikes.
  • Heavy Weight bikes are good for cruising in the highway.
  • When there is sudden wind flow, then the extra weight of the bike helps to make balancing much easier than light weight bikes.

List of top 5 heavy bikes in range of 1 lakh

1. Xpulse 200

The Xpulse 200 is newly launched bike and acquired the 1st position of the list of heavy bike in range of 1 lakh. The Xpulse 200 is available in two type of fuel system- carburetor and FI. The FI price has crossed few thousand above 1 lakh so we have considered the carburetor variant. The FI variant is more 1 kg heavier than the carburetor variant.

The weight of the carb. Xpulse 200 is 153 kg. It is the higher CC bike in our list.

The price of the Carburetor Xpulse is Rs. 97,000 ex-showroom Delhi.

heavy bikes in range of 1 lakh xpulse 200

2. Pulsar 180 Neon

Pulsar 180 Neon mechanically unchanged. However, the addition of front faring has added extra weight to the bike. Its the oldest engine that is still continuing and why i will be not so? The engine is very reliable, smooth, powerful.

Pulsar 180 Neon looks similar as the 220F, I can only differentiate by the color otherwise it looks similar in every angle.

The weight of the Pulsar 180 is 151 kg.

The price of the Pulsar 180 Neon  is Rs. 94,790 ex-showroom Delhi.

heavy bikes in range of 1 lakh pulsar 180

3. Xpulse 200T

The next motorcycle is also from Hero, its the all new Xpulse 200T, The ‘T’ stand for the touring name. The Xpulse200T is same as Xpulse 200 with changes like the silencer is not kept up as that of Xpulse. And, there are few  changes more.

The Xpulse 200T only comes in carburetor and the price of the Xpulse 200T is also less from the carburetor variant of the Xpulse 200.

The Xpulse 200T weigh 150 kg.

heavy bikes in range of 1 lakh xpulse 200T

4. Apache 160 4V

Apache 160 4v and the Xtreme 200S both weigh 149 kg and thus have acquired the 4th place in the list of heavy bikes in range of 1 lakh. The Apache 160  4V is the naked bike whereas the Xtreme 200S is the fully faired bike. The Xtreme 200 S share the same 200 CC engine from the Hero.

Apache 160 4V comes with the design of its big sibling the Apache 200.

heavy bikes in range of 1 lakh apache

   heavy bikes in range of 1 lakh xtreme 200s

The price of the Xtreme 200S is Rs. 98,400 and the price of the Apache 160 4V starts from Rs. 93,101 for ABS Disc ex-showroom Delhi.

5. Unicorn 150

The Unicorn 150 weigh 146 Kg. The new bikes coming from the Honda are light in weight than the Unicorn 150. The Unicorn 160, the Xblade, the Hornet are all lighter weight than the old Unicorn 150, which Honda has kept untouched.

heavy bikes in range of 1 lakh unicorn 150

The price of the Unicorn 150 for thr standard variant is Rs. 72,633 and for the ABS variant is Rs. 74,241 ex-showroom Delhi.

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Here, our list gets end, the heavy bikes in range of 1 lakh. Hope, this list gives you enough inquiry  you have. Do comment  down !!

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