Best Selling Car In India with Price-August 2019


Its a very to critical situation of auto sector in India. In the history of 20 years, the biggest downfall auto sector has seen. But, the top 10 best selling cars seems interesting every time. The production of car in plant has been cut down for 1-2 days varies from company to company seeing less demand in the market. The downfall in the auto sector has affected the auto company very badly. If this continue then companies have to make a cut in the human resource, which will result in more unemployment.

Our Finance Minister, has taken some step in recovering this downfall. Time will tell is this is enough to stand our auto sector. Also, BS6 norms vehicles will be introduced by the April 2020, and the vehicles prices will go up specially for diesel car’s there will be huge gap in pricing from today’s price. Auto sector is facing lots of challenges and struggle in the market. So, there is the need of govt. to look in this sector, so the growing auto sector doesn’t weakens.

This is the list of the August month of 2019.

Best Selling Cars in India with Price

10.vintara brezza

Vintara Brezza which has always ranked in top 1 for quite a long time, has dropped to no. 10 car in our list. This month total of 7109 units are sold all over India. Vintara Brezza has not got any update from a long time and it’s competitor are providing more values to the customer. Vintara Brezza is powered with 4 cylinder 1248 CC engine that produces max. power output of 89 PS @ 4000 RPM and peak torque of 200 Nm @ 1750 RPM. Mileage claimed by the company is 24.3 Km/L, which is a decent mileage claimed. Most probably, this diesel engine will be discontinued due to BS6 norms.


This is the only MUV that have made position in the top 10 list of best selling cars. This month total no. of 8391 units Ertiga sold all over India. Ertiga is powered with 1462 CC engine that is powered with max. power output of104 PS @ 6000 RPM and peak torque of 138 Nm @ 4400 RPM, which is already a BS6 engine. Price starts from Rs. 7,54,689 ex-showroom Delhi.

8.Maruti Suzuki Ecco

Maruti Suzuki Ecco comes in two seating option- 5 and 7 seater. The production of the Omni has stopped, and thus the sales of Omni has shifted in favour of Ecco. Total 8658 units of Ecco has been sold all over India.

Ecco is powered with 4 cylinder 1196 engine that produces max. power output of 73 PS @ 6000 RPM and peak torque of 101 Nm @ 3000 RPM.

7.Hyundai venue

Hyundai Venue is recently launched in the compact SUV segment. And, Venue became instant popular because of its design & competitive price. Hyundia Venue is available with 2 petrol engine and one diesel engine. Total 9342 units of Venue has been sold by Hyundia.

Price of the Venue starts from Rs. 6,50,000.

6.Grand i10 nios

Grand i10 is the all new car in our list. Grand i10 nios has managed to sell 9403 units and managed its position in top 10 list of top cars. Grand i10 nios is the updated edition of the Grand i10, but still the old Grand i10 is still in sale. The design of the Grand i10 nios is very elegant.

The price of the Grand i10 nios starts from 4,99,990.

5.Maruti Alto

Maruti Alto is the entry level passenger car in the Maruti’s segment. Alto is very popular in the house of middle class family. Alto is available in two variants- Alto 800 and Alto k10. Alto 800 is powered with 796 CC enigne that produces max. power output of 48 PS @ 6000 RPM and peak torque of 69 Nm @ 3500 RPM (petrol). This engine is also available in CNG.

Total 10123 units has been sold

Alto k10 is powered with 998 CC that produces max. power output of 67 PS @ 6000 RPM and peak torque of 90 Nm @ 3500 RPM.

Price of the Alto 800 starts from Rs. 2,93,689 and the price of the Alto k10 starts from Rs. 3,65,843.


Baleno is also a very successful car from Maruti Suzuki. Maruti sold over 11067 units of Baleno in . Baleno is powered with one diesel engine and two petrol engine.

Price of the Baleno base model starts from Rs. 5,58,602 ex-showroom Delhi.

top selling cars in august India

Can you guess now What are the top 3 selling cars ???

3.Wagon R 11402

The tall boy has become even bigger in space and is our 3rd top selling car in . The new Wagon R is available with 1.0 L and 1.2 L engine option. Total 11402 units has been sold.

For more details- Click Here

Price of the wagonR starts from Rs. 4,34,000.


Swift is the hatchback version of the the Swift Drize, which was launched after launching the new generation Dzire. In India, there is a strong hold of Swift, it sells like a hot cake. Both as a personal car as well as in taxi(commercial purpose) it is used. The low cost of ownership, and decent ownership value is what makes the Swift stand out from others. 12444 units has been sold all over India in August 2019.

Price of the Swift starts from Rs. 5,14,000 ex-showroom Delhi.


Dzire is the sedan variant of the Swift. The front grill, the headlight setup along with the tail light pf the Dzire looks very attractive to me. Its is very suprising to see that Swift scored only 2 star NCAP and is the top selling car, whereas the 5 star NCAP rating car are not in the list.

Price of the Drize starts from Rs. 5,82,613 ex-showroom Delhi.

top selling cars in india august

This is the end of the top 10 best selling cars list August 2019. Hope, you have enjoyed !! a lot.

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