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Tank Bag are the first preference of the bike riders. Why not so? And, choosing the best tank bag for every convenient trip is must for the peace of mind. Lol !! What if I say installing Tank Bag gives me tourer kind of mentality, its gives the touring feel Lol !!.

Why should you use tank bag?
Tank Bag easily gets fit in the tank and gives no headache during the ride. You can keep your necessary things and can access with much convenient. Its very easy to operate things kept in tank bag. Many tank bag can be used as backpack, so while riding you can fit it in the tank, and can enjoy bag free riding.

Also, taking backpack in long ride might be painful for your back, where tank bag comes handy.

What qualities should you look before buying tank bag?

  • Should be made of good quality material.
  • Capacity of the tank bag should fulfill your requirement.
  • Ease to access the pocket, good zipper.
  • Should come with rain cover.
  • Should have transparent screen in the front.

Some of the Best Tank Bag listed here-

1.Guardian Gears Jaws 28L Magnetic Universal Tank Bag with Rain Cover

Guardian gears Jaws 28L is a very good compact tank bag. There are multiple pocket in the bag to keep your stuff inside as well as in the side.

In the front a transparent pocket has been given like all other tank bag, which is touchable. So, you can manage map from outside the pouch without opening it.

When the bag is expanded the storage capacity of this tang bag becomes 28L, which is sufficient to keep your necessary stuff.

The tank bag comes with rain cover as well.

This comes with strap as well so you can use in both magnetic tank as well as non-magnetic tank.

16 Neodymium Magnets for strong hold in tank.
1680D Industrial Grade High Abrasion Resistance PU Coated Fabric for long lasting life of tank bag.
Have Reflective Tape very useful in night times
Easy rope puller for ease of access
1 Year Warranty




2.Guardian Gears Jaws Magnetic Tank Bag with Rain Cover

This Tank bag is in the budget segment priced under 2000 INR. This tank bag normally is 11 L but when expanded becomes 18 L.

There are no extra side pocket. But, there is transparent pouch for mobile phone usuage, which is also touchable.

There is zip inside for convenient.

The tank comes with rain cover as well.

4 Neodymium Monopole Magnets for strong hold in tank.
1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon fabric for longer life of bag.
1 Year Warranty.
18 L capacity.


This bag is only for Metal tank.


3.Guardian Gears Shark Mini Tank Bag 18L with Rain Cover

The Shark Mini Tank bag is same in specification as mentioned in the above tank bag review. But, this is about 300 INR cheaper than the above tank bag.

This is not a magnetic tank bag but you gets strap with it to fit in both non-metallic tank as well as magnetic tank.

This tank bag is also equipped with rain cover.

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4.Raida RD-Metro Tank Bag

This tank bag comes from Raida and can be used in both magnetic tank as well as non-magnetic tank. The full voulme of the tank bag is 15 L.

One of the unique features is that it comes with a transparent screen on the rain cover. So, you can use your map while raining.

1680D polyester fabric for durability of bag
Comes with magnet as well as straps.
comes with rain cover and have transparent screen




5.Roadgods Zeon R1

Roadgods Zeon R1 comes with both magnetic option as well as without magnet.

This is a 14 L tank bag very compact with side pocket.

This tankbag can be converted to backpack for ease of carrying.

Touchable transparent screen above.
Have rain cover.
Have side pocket under 1.8-2k range.




Good Wishes for your trip. All the best !!

Here, the list of best tank bag ends.

Would love to here from you guys which tank bag do you use or purchased. Comment Down.

Thank You



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