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We know how much engine oil is important for our bike. So, in  this post we will find out best engine oil for 125cc, 150cc, 200cc bikes and others. And, choosing the best engine oil for our bike is must when its comes to extract the best performance out of it. So, we should choose the engine oil for our bike wisely. Choosing engine oil wisely will also reduce additional replacement cost of parts as because friction between metal parts inside the engine will become less if your engine oil is good, suitable for your bike. You should always try maintain the grade of engine oil recommended by the manufacturer.

In market, there are many variation of engine oil available- Fully Synthetic, semi synthetic and mineral oil. The quality of the oil also matter most. So, always choose branded product that is already proven in the market.

Why to Choose best engine oil ?

  • To reduce vibration
  • To increase longevity of engine parts
  • To extract the best performance out from bike.

**Buy the recommended Engine oil grade.

List Best Engine oil for 125cc,150cc,200cc Bikes-

Motul 3100 4T

best engine oil for 100cc 125cc 150cc 200cc bike

Motul 3100 4T Gold is a very good engine oil for 150cc,125cc or above bike. Specially if you have 150cc bike like Pulsar 150, Yamaha Fz you will love it. And, if you are switching from stock engine oil you will definitely feel difference. yes, it about 50 to 100 rupees costly than the stock engine oil. But, it totally worth to buy. It is a semi-synthetic engine oil.

Check the best price for Motul from the above given link. Before buying check the grade of the engine oil. If it different for your bike, the other grades are also available for same engine oil,

Castrol POWER1 Cruise 4T

best engine oil for bikes

Castrol is also a reputed and well known brand for the manufacturing of engine oil. Castrol POWER1 cruise 4T is a entry level engine oil but the quality is quite good. You can use  it in both FI as well as carburetor bike. The engine oil will not disappoint you. It comes with power sustain technology. Castrol claims that specially who travels a lot with bike will enjoy the performance engine oil. So, if you travel a lot with your bike you should try this one… It is also a semi  synthetic engine oil.

Check the best price for Castrol Power1 Cruise 4T from the above given link.

Motul 5100 4T

best engine oil for 150cc 125cc 200cc

Moutl 5100 is also a semi synthetic engine oil not a  fully synthetic engine oil. But, the performance is quite good . If you have extra money to pay for engine oil then go for Motul 5100 instead of Motul 3100.

I am not saying that Motul 3100 is not good instead it depend on the bike for the best engine oil. Take a try you will definitely find ity better than the stock. If you feel that your bike is working best with 5100 stick to it 🙂 or else try Motul 3100 or Castro Power1.

Check the best price of Motul 5100 4T from the given above link.

Motul 7100 4T

best engine oil for 150cc bike

Motul 7100 4T is a fully synthetic engine oil from Motul. The Motul 7100 is quite popular for the performance lover, the engine oil is fully synthetic. Benefit of Fully synthetic is that you can ride 1-2k kilometer more than mineral oil and about 1k kilometer more than semi synthetic oil.

Have money, go with Motul 7100.

It quite difficult to say, the best engine oil for respective bike. But, these are all the reputed engine oil in the market.

Check the best price for Motul 7100 4T from the above given link.

Mobil 1 Racing 4T

best engine oil for 125cc 150cc 200cc

Mobil 1 is the most premium engine oil in our list. The engine oil is quite good in performance. It is also a fully synthetic engine oil not a semi-synthetic one. This engine oil is also good compared to Motul 7100 as both are fully synthetic. Motul 7100 is little bit cheaper in price than Mobil 1 Racing 4T.

To my recommendation I will prefer Motul 7100 as no such difference will you can notice. Also Motul is a cheaper one yet provide good value.

Check the best price for Mobil 1 Racing 4T from the above link.

Engine Oil Drain Time-

This mentioned kilometer is according to me,

  1. Mineral Oil                       —    2800-3000 km.
  2. Semi-Synthetic Oil      —    4000-5000 km.
  3. Fully Synthetic Oil       —    5500-6500 km.

Do share your review with you engine oil, that will help me to select the best engine oil in the market.

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