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Bajaj Qute is not a auto-rickshaw nor a car, it is the India’s first ‘quadricycle‘. The Qute is made on the philosophy to offer three-wheeler a more stable one, and more practical than before with a extra wheel. The Bajaj Qute has 4 doors with sliding windows. The qute is a rear drive wheel car with engine at its back just like Nano. However, the Goverment have acepted the new category under commercial regulation for now. But accepting it under private regulation also would not be bad option, if the price do justify.

Bajaj Qute : Features/ Specification

  • The Bajaj Qute is powered with 216.6 cc which produces max. power output of 8.08 KW
  • Kerb Weight is of 451 Kgs.
  • People capacity i s D+3. Also, there can be one person extra adjusted in some codition which certainly Indian Rickwala will definitely do.
  • The Qute comes with 5 speed gear box with pus and pull type gear box. For upshift you need to push the gear knob and for downshift you need to pull the gear knob.
  • The Bajaj Qute can come with petrol as well as CNG.
  • Qute has a turning radius of 3.5 m.
  • Ground clearance is 159 mm.
  • Bajaj is claiming fuel efficiency of 35 km/litre for petrol and 45 km/Kg of CNG for CNG variant.

Benefits of Qute-

Better stability because of extra wheel than 3-Wheeler.
Qute has door that will protect the passenger from sun and rain.
Better way of transportation.

Price of Bajaj Qute-

The Qute has not been launched in Indian market. So, the expected price would be more around 2 lakhs(or you can assume the price more than the price of 3 wheelers).

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